10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

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10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

15 May , 2017  

Many teams don’t have Photoshop, in design, illustrator, or many of the high-priced graphic tools available on the market for creating content for social media. Moreover, they don’t have anyone on staff or a volunteer that knows how to use these graphics programs. I’ve mentioned Canva and other social media graphics tools that you can use […]

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procrastination infographic


Going Through A Day Filled With Procrastination

17 Apr , 2017  

TODAY IS A DAY OF PROCRASTINATION. I’m sitting in a Panera Bread cafe, supposed to work on a massive presentation I’m supposed to give this week. But instead, I’ve got the procrastination bug and doing this infographic for your content consumption pleasure.  Hope you like it!  And shout out to @Kangsta for giving me a […]


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28 Must-Use Services That Will Increase Your Productivity By 238%

13 Apr , 2017  

I recently blogged about all of my list of Go-To productivity apps. A bit different than the list  top tools for social media I published at the beginning of the year. It was a great exercise to build an inventory of things I rely upon to get my work done. By 238%, well, maybe — maybe […]

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instagram infographic

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139 MORE Instagram Facts & Stats

14 Feb , 2017  

I’ve shared the case for Instagram before because I want you to be swayed not by opinion, but by the facts. You CANNOT ignore Instagram any longer. 70.7% of brands will use Insta in 2017. Top brands post 4.9 times per week. At least 5% of Instagrammers take an action after seeing a post by […]



2017 Is The Year Of Video. But Are You Ready?

9 Jan , 2017  

IT IS NO LONGER IN THE FUTURE It’s here. We’re not looking into the future anymore. Everyone is online watching. Everyone. Your parents, your kids. . .  even your grandparents too.  Yes, they are. ONLINE VIDEOS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF MASS CULTURE Just think about that for a moment. HOW DOES THAT CONTRAST WITH […]

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The 20 Best Social Media Tools for 2017

5 Jan , 2017  

The social media marketing communications landscape changes so rapidly. So fast that you can almost talk in dog years! Doesn’t it feel like Instagram Stories has been around since it all began? Or doesn’t Facebook Live feel so natural that it’s hard to believe it is a relatively a new-fangled concept to broadcast live over […]

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{Infographic} Why Churches Should Be Using SnapChat

31 Jul , 2016  

SnapChat is the new kid on the block, even though it’s been around for awhile now. It hasn’t really been like considered as a main platform for churches and most organizations to date, but church communicators are waking up to the platform and it’s opportunity. Is your church using Snapchat yet? Post your Snapcode in […]


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Social Media Platforms: Home Sweet Home

30 Mar , 2016  

The more I work with social media networks and platforms, the more I realize that each one is quite different from each other. Here’s one way to look at it that I recently pulled together to help paint the picture of why and how social media platforms differ from each other:   Which newer social […]

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Your Church Needs To Consider Digital Payments - infographic inside

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3 Reasons Why Your Church Needs To Consider Mobile Giving For Offering & Tithes

29 Feb , 2016  

Are you still depending on people to pull out their wallets and checkbooks during our church service? Are you passing the offering plate down the line without any thought to what might be better, easier, preferred by those that are giving to support your church?  Does your entire offering time revolve around your church, staff […]

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Starbucks List Infographic

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The Top 10 Common Types of Starbucks Customers

2 Feb , 2016  

Recently, I wrote about my List-Writing Praxis that I’ve been following these days. In that post, I shared this list that I came up with for that day.  It was about Starbucks since I was working in a Starbucks location that day. Here’s the same list in a fun infographic form.  Enjoy!   What other types […]

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