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10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

Many teams don’t have Photoshop, in design, illustrator, or many of the high-priced graphic tools available on the market for creating content for social media. Moreover, they don’t have anyone on staff or a volunteer that knows how to use these graphics programs. I’ve mentioned Canva¬†and other social media graphics tools that you can use […]

Faith Resources Work

Forget Photoshop. Get the Canva For Work Version Free for Your Nonprofit or Church.

It used to be that nonprofit and church communicators used to drool over professional graphic design software like PhotoShop or Illustrator because it was so expensive. But with Web 2.0 and beyond, everything is going to the cloud. SAAS is your best friend (Software As A Service).  Photoshop is now included in a web-based subscription […]

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