10 Online Tools For Making Amazing Social Media Visual Content

Many teams don’t have Photoshop, in design, illustrator, or many of the high-priced graphic tools available on the market for creating content for social media. Moreover, they don’t have anyone on staff or a volunteer that knows how to use these graphics programs.

I’ve mentioned Canva and other social media graphics tools that you can use to create text over image content.

And more and more options are becoming available for you to be able to make professional quality visual content for your social media channels. Remember static graphics aren’t the only thing you should be thinking about. Animated GIFs and videos or things that you will need to become comfortable with in the next year or two especially as the majority of contents move toward video.

Here’s a nice infographic that lists a bunch of options that might be helpful for you in trading interesting and engaging content for social media.

Social media graphics tools

Here are 10 useful online graphics tools for you to try out for creating social media content.

Or any other amazing online graphics tools missing from this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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