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[VIDEO] 2017 Is The Year of Video.

9 Jan , 2017   Video

I wrote this blog post today below. It is short and sweet, sharing some statistics about current online video consumption today. 2017 Is The Year Of Video. But Are You Ready? And felt like it was incomplete without a video version of it.  So here it is!

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2017 Is The Year Of Video. But Are You Ready?

9 Jan , 2017  

IT IS NO LONGER IN THE FUTURE It’s here. We’re not looking into the future anymore. Everyone is online watching. Everyone. Your parents, your kids. . .  even your grandparents too.  Yes, they are. ONLINE VIDEOS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF MASS CULTURE Just think about that for a moment. HOW DOES THAT CONTRAST WITH […]

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39 Instagram Statistics That Gives a Clear Snapshot of What’s Going On

23 Nov , 2016  

This post is for Instagram statistics junkies. Who would have thought that a millennial-obsessed selfie and food pics mobile app called Instagram would be one of the most successful players in the social media industry today? And yes, I’m talking about the photo-sharing application Instagram. With its fresh concepts and innovative updates, Instagram continues to […]

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statistics pokemon go

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20 High Velocity Pokémon Go Stats That Will Make You Pay Attention

15 Jul , 2016  

Either you are living in the mountains or hiding under the rock if you still haven’t know about the latest craze after Candy Crush Saga that is seriously changing the app game – Pokemon-Go. It’s what you call an augmented reality geographical-based game which is created by Niantic. Last time, I talked about different reasons […]


Stats Churches Are Ignoring About Online Giving

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I’ll Show You That Churches Are In Denial About Digital Giving

24 Jun , 2016  

In today’s world, online and digital mobile giving is pretty much the norm. According to data analysis by Statista, US e-commerce sales are estimated to increase to $491.5 billion by 2018 out of 191.1 million US online users who are making electronic transactions. That being said, companies, non-profits and even churches should really take advantage […]

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church tithing defines generosity gap

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Eyebrow-Raising Facts About Church Tithing That Clearly Defines The Generosity Gap

21 Jun , 2016  

Giving is one of the most sensitive topics in churches today if not taught and communicated in an appropriate away. Some of the people in the congregation may not fully understand it and even fight about it, thus, resulting in a Generosity Gap. The Generosity Gap is a state where a community’s giving is unfocused […]

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"List of Church #GivingTuesday Statistics

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27 #GivingTuesday Stats That Will Make You Wish It Was Tuesday In December Right Now

20 Jun , 2016  

6 more months before we go into the holiday seasons — good food, parties, shopping and Christmas carols. Almost everyone, kids and adults alike, are looking forward for to celebrate Christmas. However, there is one day that people, sometimes Christians, often fail to notice. #GivingTuesday. According to its official website, #GivingTuesday is a global day […]

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Facebook Live Video Life of Statistics

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19 Facebook Live Statistics That Will Make You Start Broadcasting Right Now

16 Jun , 2016  

Nothing beats visually appealing images and content for garnering huge amounts of engagement. What more if it’s done live? Last year, Facebook released a new feature called Facebook Live testing it out first for celebrities. Now, Facebook Live is available to everyone. Users now have a capability to share live-streaming videos on their Facebook account […]

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