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Social Media Predictions for 2017

1 May , 2017   Video

My good friend Nils Smith is at it again putting his predictions out there about the future of social media. And he has challenged me to do the same for 2017. So here goes: KENNY JAHNG’S PREDICTIONS FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE IN 2017   1) SnapChat will survive and win. They are innovators and […]

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3 Reasons your Church should use Snapchat


3 Reasons your Church should use Snapchat

1 May , 2017  

I wonder what a time traveler would think if she traveled forward in time to 2017. They’d expect to see flying cars and robot butlers. Instead, they would just see people constantly looking at themselves on their handheld devise. Like a weird digital mirror. I remember when I first downloaded Snapchat on my phone. Admittedly, I […]

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Why Is Your Church Ignoring The 3 Most Important Social Media Networks?

6 Jan , 2017  

Social media is B.I.G. big. There’s now a bunch of networks and platforms that boast over 100,000,000 active users. One of the things I’ve been really reflecting upon recently is how people are using the social web today vs just recently.  Things have changed overnight. Or at least so much in the last 12, 24, […]

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How Frequently Should I Be Posting To Each Social Media Platform?

4 Nov , 2016  

EVERYONE HAS THE SAME QUESTION ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLISHING One of the most common questions I get from people who are getting a handle on social media for the organization is: how frequently should I be posting stuff on social media? And can I just copy what I post on one network and put it on […]

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Real Life Case Study: SnapChat Custom GeoFilter For Churches

29 Aug , 2016  

I had a chance to connect with Alex Ehly, the Middle School Pastor at Christ Community Church (www.cccomaha.org). And who better to talk shop about church communications and SnapChat than with a Middle School ministry Pastor!   There are some really compelling reasons for a church to consider SnapChat. Alex’s church has been using on […]

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One App You MUST Upgrade Today Instagram

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The One App You MUST Upgrade Today: Instagram

3 Aug , 2016  

So according to the app summary for the new Instagram Stories feature in the Instagram app, this new feature is being rolled out globally over the next few weeks. The update is such a complete rip off of the real thing (SnapChat Stories) without any sort of attempt to hide it, yet bold enough to […]

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{Infographic} Why Churches Should Be Using SnapChat

31 Jul , 2016  

SnapChat is the new kid on the block, even though it’s been around for awhile now. It hasn’t really been like considered as a main platform for churches and most organizations to date, but church communicators are waking up to the platform and it’s opportunity. Is your church using Snapchat yet? Post your Snapcode in […]


Create Custom On-Demand Geofilter

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{download} How To Create Custom On-Demand GeoFilters For Your Church

15 Jul , 2016  

One of the most popular and fun features of social media today are Snapchat Custon On-Demand Geofilters. Geofilters are image overlays designed and made readily available for a definite location. There are two types of Geofilters: Community and On-Demand. Community Geofilters are created by graphics artists for their city, university, local landmark, church or other public locations. […]

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snapchat history infographics

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19 May , 2016  

You know Snapchat is all the rage, but have you tried it out yet? Perhaps you’re not getting the entire picture. There’s some early chatter about how to use it, examples for churches, etc.  And you should expect more to come for sure. I pulled together this collection of infographics to help tell the story […]

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The Comprehensive List of SnapChat Tutorials, How-To Guides & Tips for Churches

17 May , 2016  

SnapChat is the new kid on the block, even though it’s been around for awhile. It hasn’t really been considered as a main platform for churches and most organizations to date — even Jay Kranda and I didn’t include it in the tour of social platforms within our free Social Media Jumpstart microcourse. But today, […]

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