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The 7 Unsung Drivers Of Entrepreneurial Success

You must look under the surface While the stories of entrepreneurial success often focus on the big ideas, innovative products, and overnight wealth, the true drivers of entrepreneurial triumph often lie beneath the surface. Drawing from research and the experiences of thriving business owners, I consistently see several key elements emerge as critical, yet underappreciated, […]

Interview Ponderings Work

Social Media Church Podcast Episode on VR and Amazon’s Launch of Their New Social Network

SOCIAL MEDIA CHURCH PODCAST One of the fun podcasts to listen to is the Social Media Church Podcast. I was fortunate enough to be guest number 1 and 100 back when DJ Chuang launched the podcast. Since then Jay Kranda and Nils Smith have taken over the mic in the interview booth. THIS WEEK’S EPISODE […]


I Was Right!

Today was a totally fun day. It’s not even the end of Q3 of 2017 and another one of my social media predictions is coming true! If you recall, I had a great conversation about a set of predictions on the future of social media for how this year will go with the landscape of […]

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