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{Infographic} 20 Reasons Pokémon Go Is Here To Stay

5 Aug , 2016  

I recently shared 20 impossible to ignore stats about the Pokémon Go craze that’s just getting started coast to coast. Here’s a visual representation to help you really take it all in. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE HIGH-RES VERSION After taking all of these statistics in, I think you’ll agree we cannot ignore […]

One App You MUST Upgrade Today Instagram

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The One App You MUST Upgrade Today: Instagram

3 Aug , 2016  

So according to the app summary for the new Instagram Stories feature in the Instagram app, this new feature is being rolled out globally over the next few weeks. The update is such a complete rip off of the real thing (SnapChat Stories) without any sort of attempt to hide it, yet bold enough to […]

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{download} #1 Way To Use Pokémon Go to Attract New Visitors to Your Church

25 Jul , 2016  

By now, you have probably noticed the amount of strangers, waiting outside your church and busy playing on their smartphones. If you’re thinking, “Are they playing Pokemon-Go, again? Might as well send them away.”, I suggest that you hold that thought out. As stated in my previous blogposts, there are many positive reasons as to […]

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Pokémon Go Social Media Graphics And Design Source Files For Your Church

20 Jul , 2016  

Without a doubt, the youth is one of the underlying keys to a church’s continuity. However, in today’s world, they seem to be the hardest audience to approach, judging from the culture of today’s generation. But not until the release of a new app called Pokémon Go which recently drives literally everyone out of their houses — […]


This Drove Me Crazy For 25 Minutes. How Long For You?

18 Jul , 2016  

White table, patterned carpet & cell phone test! The latest craze is happening right now. If you haven’t seen this image yet, I promise you’ll see it on social media  within the next 72 hours. White table. Patterned carpet. Cell phone. YUP. There’s a cell phone in the photo! So get a head start and […]


statistics pokemon go

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20 High Velocity Pokémon Go Stats That Will Make You Pay Attention

15 Jul , 2016  

Either you are living in the mountains or hiding under the rock if you still haven’t know about the latest craze after Candy Crush Saga that is seriously changing the app game – Pokemon-Go. It’s what you call an augmented reality geographical-based game which is created by Niantic. Last time, I talked about different reasons […]



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14 Reasons Why You Must Not Ignore Pokémon Go

14 Jul , 2016  

“Gotta catch ’em, all!” is a phrase everyone thought had died down several years ago. Who would have thought that one app will revive such nostalgic line from the cartoon called Pokémon? If you are seeing people from all walks of life started going out of their houses, sometimes stuck in the same place or […]


Workplace Pranks Caught On Video

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7 Workplace Pranks Caught On Video

21 Jun , 2016  

When everyone is used to the same day-to-day tasks and the usual small talks on the latest news and what-not, the workplace might be dull. Carlos Castaneda once said, “Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” How then could we save ourselves […]

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Apple iMessages Upgrade


The Apple iMessages Upgrade That Challenges Facebook Messenger and SnapChat

15 Jun , 2016  

I don’t know why we call it a phone anymore. People use it to text more than anything else. We should call it your Texter. Or something like that. But if you’ve been understanding Snapchat, you’ll probably agree with me that the reason Snapchat is winning is that it basically is texting with selfie’s and […]

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iphone superuser tips ebook

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12 iPhone Tips That Will Change Your Life

7 Jun , 2016  

  If you love your iPhone like me, you’ll love being able to push technology to its limits.  After downloading and using over 400 iphone apps (there really is an app for THAT – whatever your THAT might be) and spending thousands of hours on the phone, I’ve discovered a bunch of rare and unknown […]

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