Pokémon Go Social Media Graphics And Design Source Files For Your Church

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Pokémon Go Social Media Graphics And Design Source Files For Your Church

Without a doubt, the youth is one of the underlying keys to a church’s continuity. However, in today’s world, they seem to be the hardest audience to approach, judging from the culture of today’s generation.

But not until the release of a new app called Pokémon Go which recently drives literally everyone out of their houses — young and old — trying to catch Pokémons almost everywhere. It’s an augmented reality app wherein you can hunt down Pokémons based on real life locations. Intriguing isn’t it?

You must be thinking right now, what’s the fuss in all of this and it’s all written in my previous blogpost here: 20 High Velocity Stats That Will Make You Take Pokémon Go Seriously. Proof that Pokémon Go is taking over the smartphone community.

Now, here’s a reason why churches should start taking advantage of this app. There’s a great feature in Pokémon Go called Pokéstops or Gyms which allows gamers to obtain needed items for the game.

And guess what? Churches are the number one go-to places for Pokéstops or Gyms.

How then do you capitalize on this app and attract the younger generation in the footsteps of your church? One resource you should check out is an interview conducted Rich Birch on how one creative church is using Pokemon Go to engage and serve their community.

Another thing I suggest is that you consider putting up sign boards or flyers, letting players know that your church is a Pokéstop or a Gym. Make it welcoming for people to stop in at your church. It’s simple!

Here are some awesome examples of flyers and social media cards you can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or print out and put them up at your church:

Pokemon Go Flyer25760_pokemon go flyer_071516-07Pokemon Go FlyerPokemon Go FlyerPokemon Go Flyer25761_pokemon go cards_071516-0225761_pokemon go cards_071516-0325761_pokemon go cards_071516-0125761_pokemon go cards_071516-0425761_pokemon go cards_071516-0525761_pokemon go cards_071516-0625760_pokemon go flyer_071516-0225760_pokemon go flyer_071516-0325761_pokemon go cards_071516-0625760_pokemon go flyer_071516-05

If you want a copy of these images with a higher resolution, all you have to do is click here to download the file

It will only take a few minutes and these quote cards and flyer templates will be sent into your e-mail for free.  I’ve included original design source files so you can customize them too.

You’ll also get the same deisgn files that 242 Church in

What are more ways to attract Pokemon-go players to you church? Please leave a comment below.

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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