max clean c.s. lewis on stage

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Interview With Max McLean About Bringing CS Lewis To Life On Stage

15 Feb , 2017  

I was able to bring Max McLean on to interview him about his latest production – The Most Reluctant Convert and Fellowship for Performing Arts focus on C.S. Lewis. His latest live theater show is currently running at The Acorn Theater on Theater Row in New York City. You can find out about the show at […]

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Kent Shaffer

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Kent Shaffer Talks About & The Evolving Content World

7 Feb , 2017  

Today I to sit down with Kent Shaffer of to discuss trends and tensions with digital life and the church. Kent talks about his early success as a blogger with and why such content just isn’t as impactful in today’s world of content proliferation.   He shares some thoughts on collaboration and content resourcing. […]

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Joseph Sangle - I was BROKE

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Joseph Sangl Talks About Money Money Money + Bible

2 Feb , 2017   Video

Today I had a chance to talk with Joseph Sangl who is on a quest to help pastors get over their fear about talking about money. He is the founder of I Was Broke Now I’m Not. We talk about why churches need to talk about money.  And how pastors can take the first step […]

church leader conference

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Propel Conference 2017 for Church Growth and Leadership Development

11 Jan , 2017  

My friends at Ministry Pass recently did a study on leadership development and they found that 70% of pastors go to conference to grow as a leader. What they also noticed is 81% of church leaders want to do more for themselves and their team but the expense is too costly. If you are at […]

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Why Is Your Church Ignoring The 3 Most Important Social Media Networks?

6 Jan , 2017  

Social media is B.I.G. big. There’s now a bunch of networks and platforms that boast over 100,000,000 active users. One of the things I’ve been really reflecting upon recently is how people are using the social web today vs just recently.  Things have changed overnight. Or at least so much in the last 12, 24, […]

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The 20 Best Social Media Tools for 2017

5 Jan , 2017  

The social media marketing communications landscape changes so rapidly. So fast that you can almost talk in dog years! Doesn’t it feel like Instagram Stories has been around since it all began? Or doesn’t Facebook Live feel so natural that it’s hard to believe it is a relatively a new-fangled concept to broadcast live over […]

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The 3 Critical Things That Get 1st Time Visitors To Come Back But Your Church Isn't Doing Well Enough

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The 3 Critical Things That Get 1st Time Visitors To Come Back But Your Church Isn’t Doing Well Enough

21 Dec , 2016  

Church growth. Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting new visitors to come to your church. Rightly so to a point — you definitely want more and more people to hear the gospel in your town. And the only way to grow is by bringing in new visitors week after week. But the truth is, […]

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bibliotheca bible set kickstarter

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Bibliotheca is HERE! #unboxing

20 Dec , 2016   Video

Bibliotheca is the entire biblical text — all ~31,100 verses separated into volumes and designed purely for reading. The text is reverently treated in classic typographic style, free of all added conventions. No chapter numbers. No verse numbers. No section headers. No. cross references. No notes. Just STORY.   I paid into this kickstarter years […]

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4 Things That Will Boost Church Attendance at Christmas [VIDEO]

16 Dec , 2016  

I recently published an article and infographic about the statistics surrounding the habits of Americans during Christmastime and church. Here’s a video presentation version that highlights some of the key learnings from that post: ARE YOU DOING ANY OF THE FOUR TACTICS I MENTION IN THIS PRESENTATION? How effective has it been?

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