#DailyKJTV Episode 224 What is this something really cool that can be found in paper? Check this out.

25 Sep , 2019  

One of the best PRINTED collateral pieces I have seen in a church. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #224 #marketing #printingsolutions #church #churchcommunications

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#DailyKJTV Episode 126 FOUR Culture Shifts Impacting Your Communications

11 Jan , 2019  

I talk about one of the four consumer content consumption culture shifts you need to figure out. DailyKJTV Ep. #126. #contentmarketing #ChSocM #ChurchCommunications

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#DailyKJTV Episode 72 Editorial Production, Writer’s Block and Lists

19 Nov , 2018  

Mailbag edition of #DailyKJTV. Ep. #072 talks about editorial production, writer’s block and lists. #internet #blogging #justdoit #blogs #successfactors #churchmarketing #churchcommunications #vlog #editorialcalendars #socialmedia

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The Church Communications Role

20 Jul , 2018  

The church communications role is the most strategic position your leadership team can have. Today, it’s all about communications.

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Why Is Your Church Ignoring The 3 Most Important Social Media Networks?

6 Jan , 2017  

Social media is B.I.G. big. There’s now a bunch of networks and platforms that boast over 100,000,000 active users. One of the things I’ve been really reflecting upon recently is how people are using the social web today vs just recently.  Things have changed overnight. Or at least so much in the last 12, 24, […]

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Church communication when you don't know where to start

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Church Communication: When You Don’t Know Where to Start

23 Dec , 2016  

I recently had the opportunity to run into Barbara Carneiro at a conference. She runs the Church Communications Strategies Group over on Facebook among other things. I asked her to help with a question that I get more often than you might think: where do you start? Like literally – what do you do to […]

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#prayfor memes

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5 Reasons Why Churches Need To Pay More Attention To #PrayFor ____ Memes

8 Jul , 2016  

#PrayFor ______. We see the graphics all the time now. Love ’em or Hate ’em. The church social media communications community recently saw a nicely assembled #rant post by Justin Dean. It is a good post.     In his article, Justin points out that the recent string of #PrayFor_____ opportunities create scenarios that feeds a […]

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Why Your Church Should Invest in Social Media Communications

6 Jul , 2016  

Getting your church involved in social media provides a great opportunity in getting more people exposed to your events, ministries and most importantly the Gospel. There’s no need to doubt whether your church should use the power of social media or not. Although everyone knows the endless perks social media offers, many churches remain unconvinced. […]


Church Marketing Communications Facebook Groups

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Church Marketing and Communications Facebook Groups You Need To Be A Part Of

8 Jun , 2016  

Nowadays, more and more churches have been taking advantage of marketing and communication as an effective tool for reaching out to the community as well as to every nation all over world. But with everything evolving as quickly as it is these days, doing it alone just isn’t enough. Sometimes having a peer community for sounding board input, exposure to new tactics and more […]

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