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#DailyKJTV Episode 274 Free Micro course for Faith -Based Social Manager from Facebook

Great news for Faith-Based Communicators from Facebook! #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #274 #Facebook #FacebookBlueprint #SocialMedia #Instagram #onlinecourse #trainingprogram #socialmediamarketing #churchcommunications #chsocm

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Why Is Your Church Ignoring The 3 Most Important Social Media Networks?

Social media is B.I.G. big. There’s now a bunch of networks and platforms that boast over 100,000,000 active users. One of the things I’ve been really reflecting upon recently is how people are using the social web today vs just recently.  Things have changed overnight. Or at least so much in the last 12, 24, […]

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5 Reasons Why Churches Need To Pay More Attention To #PrayFor ____ Memes

#PrayFor ______. We see the graphics all the time now. Love ’em or Hate ’em. The church social media communications community recently saw a nicely assembled #rant post by Justin Dean. It is a good post.     In his article, Justin points out that the recent string of #PrayFor_____ opportunities create scenarios that feeds a […]

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