#VLOGMAS Day 29 Thinking about growing in 2019? Here’s how.

29 Dec , 2018  

#VLOGMAS Day 29. Thinking about growing in 2019? This is an important difference you need to understand. #DailyKJTV Ep. #113 #churchgrowth #mission #vision #equip #instruct #persuasion #mobilization #linkedinvideo

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#VLOGMAS Day 9 The SECRET to Church Growth that No One Talks About

9 Dec , 2018  

Turn on your SOUND and click PLAY for #VLOGMAS Day 9. I talk about the LOW TECH answer to church growth that trumps all tech, systems & processes. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #092

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Church

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Church

13 Jan , 2017  

There are 2 times every year where I get excited about new challenges and goals. The first is in the fall when schools start back up. And the second is in January. Both of these times represent a new year and new ambitions and goals to strive for. With the new year upon us, what […]

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church leader conference

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Propel Conference 2017 for Church Growth and Leadership Development

11 Jan , 2017  

My friends at Ministry Pass recently did a study on leadership development and they found that 70% of pastors go to conference to grow as a leader. What they also noticed is 81% of church leaders want to do more for themselves and their team but the expense is too costly. If you are at […]

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9 Ways You Can Involve Your People More For Church Growth

26 Dec , 2016  

Many churches are chasing the wrong thing when it comes to church growth. They don’t think about anything that will involve people. They think more social media. Simply putting out more Facebook ads won’t do the trick. Posting a viral photo or video won’t grow your church. Social media isn’t actually the real answer. At […]

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The 3 Critical Things That Get 1st Time Visitors To Come Back But Your Church Isn't Doing Well Enough

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The 3 Critical Things That Get 1st Time Visitors To Come Back But Your Church Isn’t Doing Well Enough

21 Dec , 2016  

Church growth. Everyone seems to be obsessed with getting new visitors to come to your church. Rightly so to a point — you definitely want more and more people to hear the gospel in your town. And the only way to grow is by bringing in new visitors week after week. But the truth is, […]

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Church Growth Tips from Growing Churches

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Church Growth: 10 Fundamental Tips To Implement Immediately

14 Dec , 2016  

It’s almost the end of the year 2016. I’m pretty sure your church is now on the process of doing your annual year-end planning for the next year. Do you know one vital agenda piece that seems to be on everyone’s agenda? It’s church growth. One goal that all churches want to accomplish is to reach out to […]

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