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How to Prioritize Recurring Giving In Your Church Fundraising Strategy

The modern church is facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to increasing recurring giving. By leveraging digital tools such as text-to-give, automated giving platforms, and other online giving solutions, churches can more easily communicate with donors and boost recurring donations. By utilizing existing donor data to create targeted donation campaigns, churches can […]


#DailyKJTV Episode 276 Take donations online in the app ‘Venmo’. How? Check this out.

Good news for nonprofits and churches. #Venmo has a new option you’ll want be aware of for being able to take donations online, in an app, and through mobile. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #276 #fundraising #giving #onlinegiving #DonorDevelopment #churchfinances#churchgrowth #nonprofitaccounting #nonprofittech

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5 Infographics That Will Give You A New Perspective About Online & Mobile Giving

It is astonishing how many churches and nonprofits are still ignoring the trends that are happening NOW in front of everyone’s eyes, not just in “the future.” One of the most critical shifts happening right now is how we use currency (or lack thereof) and how people are using digital devices for online and mobile […]

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I’ll Show You That Churches Are In Denial About Digital Giving

In today’s world, online and digital mobile giving is pretty much the norm. According to data analysis by Statista, US e-commerce sales are estimated to increase to $491.5 billion by 2018 out of 191.1 million US online users who are making electronic transactions. That being said, companies, non-profits and even churches should really take advantage […]

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