I’ll Show You That Churches Are In Denial About Digital Giving

In today’s world, online and digital mobile giving is pretty much the norm. According to data analysis by Statista, US e-commerce sales are estimated to increase to $491.5 billion by 2018 out of 191.1 million US online users who are making electronic transactions.

That being said, companies, non-profits and even churches should really take advantage as technology digital giving a preferred method.

However, most churches have not embraced online, mobile, and text giving as a way for people to bring their offering and tithes.

Almost all churches limit the option for giving to the old traditions of giving: envelopes, offering boxes or offering bags.

Here are several statistics to help church leaders understand just how huge of an opportunity they have to close the giving gap in their church:

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Only 7% of churches in the US offer a way to give via a mobile device. (FundRaisingCoach) Click To Tweet 18 % of donors used their mobile device to give to a charity’s website. (GivingFuel) Click To Tweet Text donors are most likely mostly likely 49 to 59 yrs old, female, married and college grads.(AtPay) Click To Tweet 8 in 10 carry less than $50 cash. 9% NO cash. (Bankrate) Click To Tweet Americans wrote 50% less checks in 2012 than 2003. 74% write only 1/month. (TheFinancialBrand) Click To Tweet Online giving grew by 13.5%. (2013, Blackbaud) Click To Tweet 11% of giving was online for churches under 200 if they offered online option. (Dunham+Company) Click To Tweet

Is your church still reluctant to embrace digital giving? Are you encouraged to start online and mobile giving for your church?

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