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#DailyKJTV Episode 276 Take donations online in the app ‘Venmo’. How? Check this out.

Good news for nonprofits and churches. #Venmo has a new option you’ll want be aware of for being able to take donations online, in an app, and through mobile. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #276 #fundraising #giving #onlinegiving #DonorDevelopment #churchfinances#churchgrowth #nonprofitaccounting #nonprofittech


#DailyKJTV Episode 137 Facebook Plans New Instagram Fundraising Tools

Do you want ANOTHER reason why your nonprofit or church should embrace Instagram? Here’s one big one. . . found in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Turn on your volume and click PLAY for today’s #DailyKJT Vlog Ep. #137. #philanthropy #churches #linkedinvideos #linkedinvideo #facebook #instagram #donations  #giving #fundraising

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Top 10 List of Charities for End of Year Giving for 2018

Most Christians want to be intentional in our charitable giving especially during the Christmas season – but aren’t sure of which non-profit organizations produce the greatest lasting results. For that reason, ROI Ministry (ROI) has prepared a Christmas list for everyone who is evaluating ways to make the wisest charitable giving options this month. This […]

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5 Infographics That Will Give You A New Perspective About Online & Mobile Giving

It is astonishing how many churches and nonprofits are still ignoring the trends that are happening NOW in front of everyone’s eyes, not just in “the future.” One of the most critical shifts happening right now is how we use currency (or lack thereof) and how people are using digital devices for online and mobile […]

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9 Ways to Thank Donors Creatively and Quickly

DO THIS. TLDR: Thank donors immediately and through multiple means. NOT THIS. Often times raising the money is the big priority. So all activities are focused on getting the funds “in.” And thanking donors gets a back seat. Since there is no tangible immediate feedback (or penalty) felt after sending thank you notes and making […]

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Introducing: The Generosity Labs Project

Over the last several years, I’ve been exposed to a number of projects that are related to giving, fundraising, stewardship and generosity for the church and ministries. It’s an critically important topic.  It means life or death to many organizations.  In fact, 86% of churches are at or below budget. (WHAT????!??!?!?!?). And generosity is widely misunderstood […]

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