#DailyKJTV Episode 224 What is this something really cool that can be found in paper? Check this out.

25 Sep , 2019  

One of the best PRINTED collateral pieces I have seen in a church. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #224 #marketing #printingsolutions #church #churchcommunications

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#DailyKJTV Episode 191 Masterminding XP Style

21 Jun , 2019  

Today’s #DailyKJTV vlog talks about why church leaders – XP’s in particular – need to mastermind. Episode 191 #masterminding  #leadership  #peertopeer  #austin  #texas  #church 

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7 Amazing Online Fundraising Ideas For Your Church or Non-Profit

12 Aug , 2018  

While it can seem more challenging than ever to get good results from fundraisers, there are actually plenty of people out there willing to support a good cause. The key is reaching them in a way that is fun and productive. There’s no question that today’s world is an online one and if you want […]

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Warning: You Are Missing Out On Visitors To Your Church By Not Defining Conversion Events On Your Website

4 Jun , 2016  

There are two big critical things every church communications manager needs to be concerned with regarding the church website. The first is being mobile-friendly, and the second is even more important: defining the conversion event(s) you are driving towards on your site.   Have you strategically planned what the conversion event is for your site? […]

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12 Thoughtful Ways To Make a Church Service on Mother’s Day Heartwarming and Impactful

4 Apr , 2016  

Did you know that the origin of Mother’s Day was from the church? Yes, a woman from a United Methodist Church started it at all and it became a national movement. So it’s definitely a church thing! So it is quite natural for you to plan your church service the week of Mother’s Day in […]

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