Church Giving: Feeling Guilty About The Offering Plate

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Church Giving: Feeling Guilty About The Offering Plate

I was at a church this past Sunday where they actually did not pass the offering plate during the service. They had a small bucket of the front of the church. If you wanted to bring your tithe and offering you need to go up to the front at some point. I believe the pastor mentions that they don’t want to be a ministry that is focused on money.

If you wanted to give you had to commit to fighting the flow of traffic out the door like salmon swimming up a river. Or wait until the complete end the service after people of emptied out of the room and then make your way for a bucket. Clearly this was an activity reserved only for the truely dedicated. 

It made me wonder just how much financial support this church receives. Perhaps they have it backwards?

I might be wrong at all this of course.

Limiting giving options reduces opportunities to grow in faith & build a culture of generosity. Share on X

Less than half of churches recognize people prefer to give by digital means.

We need to INCREASE options for giving, not limit them.

A change in church giving doesn't start in the pews, it starts with church leadership. Share on X

We need to STOP thinking of giving as a burden or obligation, but rather as a blessing and opportunity.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON DIGITAL GIVING? Clearly chances are more than half of church leaders reading this will disagree since more than half of churches don’t pursue online giving. I’m really interested in engaging in conversation. Will you leave a comment below and share your thoughts?

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