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Using Quuu Promote for Blog Content Marketing Promotion

14 Oct , 2016  

I’ve been testing out a new blog content marketing promotion tool called Quuu Promote. WHAT IS IT? It is a service that offerings a content recommendation engine for social media influencers.  And Quuu Promote allows you to submit up to two different web pages of your articles, blog posts, resources into their database for 30 […]

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Google Maps SEO Key Ranking Factors

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Easiest Way to Win on Google: 5 Key Ranking Factors on a Google Maps Listing

11 Oct , 2016  

Today’s guest post comes from Tyler Rominger over at MinistryDesigns.com. Tyler points out a set of key ranking techniques for SEO that almost everyone either ignores or doesn’t know about.  While the tips are “advanced” ways to approach maps optimization successfully it doesn’t require any specific “advanced” skillsets other than being strategic. That’s a good […]

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Catalyst Bloggers

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Post Catalyst Atlanta Meet-Up Video Report

10 Oct , 2016  

The Catalyst Blogger Meet-Up was a blast! But things were in its favor, as always when returning to Duluth, GA and the Infinite Energy Center (it will always fondly be known as the Gwinnett Arena to me haha!) in October. Catalyst continues to march on in the post-Brad Lominick world — Although Brad was an inspiring […]

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Honor In Your Work

7 Oct , 2016  

Today I got a piece of direct mail. Instead of throwing it out into the recycle bin, I am keeping this one for good. It’s the first official printed piece from my alma mater, Princeton Theological Seminary, with its new logo mark on the envelope in the return address area. I’m keeping it because it […]

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The First 10 Apps I Installed on My MacBook Pro

3 Oct , 2016  

It’s time for a new laptop, so I recently picked up a new MacBook Pro. It’s got that new car smell thing going on and this week has definitely been fun to have a new machine for work (and play). I need to try out the Mac Migration Assistant  but in the meantime, I need […]

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Start Using Social Media For What It’s Made For : Connect Directly With Every Catalyst East Atlanta 2016 Main Stage Speaker

3 Oct , 2016  

Do you follow any of the Catalyst conference speakers on social media?  Are you in the Catalyst tribe?  Are you headed to the Infinity Energy Center in Atlanta this week? Here’s the most important question: HAVE YOU EVER CONNECTED WITH ANY OF THE SPEAKERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE? Why not? (I am assuming you have […]

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Kenny Jahng / Content Marketing

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Why the Top 8 List On Thom Rainer’s Site Is Faulty & How To Fix It With Content Marketing And An Advanced Tactic

1 Oct , 2016  

It seems like everyone knows to prioritize website and content marketing when you build or manage a site these days.  Even church websites are trying to optimize their sites well, which is a good thing. Someone forwarded a great post from Thom Rainer’s blog recently that featured 8 Things Your Church Website Must Have.  Thom’s blog […]

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Connect with Site Visitors–Re-Engage With Remarketing Ads

30 Sep , 2016  

Jen Miles is a veteran of the church online and the digital church communications space. I had a chance to catch up with Jen at the ThatCC Conference in Atlanta. One of the chat threads we had was that there wasn’t enough practical resources available that go beyond the 101 level of digital communications craft. That’s […]


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How to Get The Most Out Of #CatalystATL Labs 2016 Using Social Media

28 Sep , 2016  

This October, I’m flying in Atlanta to attend Catalyst Labs 2016. There’s a slew of great speakers and it’s definitely a more intimate setting than listening to a talk with 12,000 other people in Gwinnett Arena (I know it’s now called Infinity Energy, but everyone calls it Gwinnett — even the hotels in the area […]

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Church Giving: Feeling Guilty About The Offering Plate

27 Sep , 2016  

I was at a church this past Sunday where they actually did not pass the offering plate during the service. They had a small bucket of the front of the church. If you wanted to bring your tithe and offering you need to go up to the front at some point. I believe the pastor […]

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