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How to Find Quality Podcast Interviewees or Guest Bloggers

17 Jul , 2018  

Weather of the guest bloggers or podcast interview ease, many people I talk to hit a brick wall like writers block. They can’t generate enough ideas for how to Identify and reach out more people in the niche category of their podcast or blog to collaborate with. Here’s a quick hit list: How to identify […]

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3 reasons why pastors should blog

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3 Reasons Pastors Should Blog

2 Dec , 2016  

Today, I asked Seth Muse to share some of his thoughts on a topic that usually gets misdirected: why blog? Usually the first responses involve platform building, better exposure as a leadeR, etc. But Seth has some authentically ministry-driven reasons why a pastor should consider taking the time to dedicate to the exercise of publishing. […]


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10 Easy Things You Should Do After You Publish A Blog Post [VIDEO]

2 Feb , 2016   Video

   People ask me all the time, what they need to do to promote their website and blog. And it needs to be easy. And it needs to be cheap. And it needs to be quick. Well, it doesn’t come that easy.  You know, as they say, garbage in — garbage out. If you don’t […]

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