You know Snapchat is all the rage, but have you tried it out yet? Perhaps you’re not getting the entire picture.

There’s some early chatter about how to use it, examples for churches, etc.  And you should expect more to come for sure.

I pulled together this collection of infographics to help tell the story so you can get a better grip on how Snapchat has evolved as a social media platform, why it’s so popular and who’s using it as well as how it is being utilized by organizations to get the word out too.


This infographic documents how Snapchat started. It also mentions how it evolved from a simple app to a phenomenal one since well-known brands started using it for their marketing spree.


What’s the underlying purpose of Snapchat? This infographic explains it all.


For just a few minutes, this infographic will take you through the timeline of how Snapchat started.


Statistics about Snapchat users are clearly explained in this infographic. Furthermore, it discusses the percentage of how Snapchat is being used.


A great infographic sharing social media facts about Snapchat.


This one is about age bracket of users who are using Snapchat in a daily basis.


The infographic explains the demographics and cool facts regarding Snapchat.


Another infographic that shows important truths regarding Snapchat.


Snapchat hype is inevitable that even Facebook tried to buy it for $3B in cash. The infographic shows the reasons as to why.


Some features of Snapchat aren’t really getting much attention even if it’s getting used in a daily basis. Check out this infographic and find out.


This one talks about the compilation of the results of after surveying 100 Snapchat users on how they are using the app.


Vine, Instagram and Snapchat have quite similar interfaces. This infographic will explain the difference of the three apps, their popularity, as well as the differences in their functions.


In this infographic, one can compare Snapchat with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and etc. It explains Snapchat’s rapid growth in users only to find out that they got zero revenue in the end.


Another one explains a brief comparison between Instagram and Snapchat.


Snapchat is not only for private use. It can be also a great tool for marketing. Here’s how by looking at this infographic.


Another infographic explaining how Snapchat can also be used for social media campaigns and brand awareness.


If you’re looking to know Snapchat’s target audience and its main users for marketing ideas, this one’s for you.


Smart ideas to use for Snapchat marketing.


This infographic talks about how to leverage Snapchat to reach and market to younger audiences. Also, it gives great examples of brands that have been using Snapchat and some cases on when to use the app.


As of February 2016, the infographic shares some of the top statistics of Snapchat usage.


Not convinced yet? This one gives the reasons why marketing your brand on Snapchat is effective.


BONUS: How do you snap? This infographic shows different emotions conveyed by Snapchat’s icon.

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