How to Prioritize Recurring Giving In Your Church Fundraising Strategy

The modern church is facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to increasing recurring giving. By leveraging digital tools such as text-to-give, automated giving platforms, and other online giving solutions, churches can more easily communicate with donors and boost recurring donations. By utilizing existing donor data to create targeted donation campaigns, churches can […]


#DailyKJTV Episode 282 Version ONE is Better than Version NONE

Are you really pushing forward? Seth Godin recently blogged about a concept of 100 days out. Stop thinking about future. Start changing things today. Today’s #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. 282 is a clip from a recent conference talk talking about digital engagement and the one lens many teams are missing out on. Would love your thoughts on why this doesn’t […]

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20 Social Media Tools You Should Know About

We Asked Influential Church Communicators To Share Their List of Go-To Social Media Tools