5 Things I Learned From My Blog Going Viral


5 Things I Learned From My Blog Going Viral

27 Jan , 2017  

Almost every blogger on the internet would secretly (or not so secretly) like their writing to go viral at least once. Let’s be honest, it feels good to know that words you have sweated over, photos you have spent long hours editing, or your intense personal stories are being read, enjoyed, and are making a […]

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Church

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Church

13 Jan , 2017  

There are 2 times every year where I get excited about new challenges and goals. The first is in the fall when schools start back up. And the second is in January. Both of these times represent a new year and new ambitions and goals to strive for. With the new year upon us, what […]

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Accelerating the Speed of your ideas spreading


Accelerating the Speed of Your Ideas Spreading

16 Aug , 2016  

   Today we have a guest post from my good friend DJ Chuang. One of the few digitally native true ideators out there today. DJ is on a journey writing a new book and I asked him to share a little about the process he’s using to write and produce the book. Yes, I’m starting […]

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No Strategy IS a Strategy

22 Jul , 2016  

Recently, I’ve come across several examples of teams with no strategy — not using their heads and jumping straight to fussing about tactics without thinking about what the purpose really is.  Who they’re trying to reach.  And what they want the outcome to be ideally.  What they all were missing is strategy.   Today I’ve […]