#DailyKJTV Episode 72 Editorial Production, Writer’s Block and Lists

19 Nov , 2018  

Mailbag edition of #DailyKJTV. Ep. #072 talks about editorial production, writer’s block and lists. #internet #blogging #justdoit #blogs #successfactors #churchmarketing #churchcommunications #vlog #editorialcalendars #socialmedia

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5 Things I Learned From My Blog Going Viral


5 Things I Learned From My Blog Going Viral

27 Jan , 2017  

Almost every blogger on the internet would secretly (or not so secretly) like their writing to go viral at least once. Let’s be honest, it feels good to know that words you have sweated over, photos you have spent long hours editing, or your intense personal stories are being read, enjoyed, and are making a […]

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The Unexpected Mobile App I Have Used To Publish The Last 5 Blog Posts

31 May , 2016  

One of the reasons I blew up my old site and started fresh again was that I needed a clean slate. But another reason was that I wanted to get back into the discipline of writing regularly. The praxis of writing does something for your mind. Getting words “on paper” is invaluable because while everyone […]

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10 Easy Things You Should Be Doing After You Publish A Blog Post

25 Mar , 2016  

When you hit PUBLISH for you blog post, it ain’t over. Most bloggers make the mistake to think it is the finish line. NOPE. It is the exact opposite. When your blog post goes live, that is the BEGINNING, not the end of your content marketing activity. [Tweet That!]   10 EASY THINGS YOU SHOULD […]


7 Blog Post Types You Need To Try


7 Types of Blog Posts That You Haven’t Written Yet (But Should)

11 Mar , 2016  

So many bloggers I talk to have a blog, but don’t blog (regularly, or not recently).  Writer’s block.  Lack of things to say.  So many excuses.  “Yeah, I should blog more,” is a very common response. The truth is, there are two ways to approach your own outpost on the web: Strategic vs. opportunistic. If […]

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