9 Ways You Can Involve Your People More For Church Growth

26 Dec , 2016  

Many churches are chasing the wrong thing when it comes to church growth. They don’t think about anything that will involve people. They think more social media. Simply putting out more Facebook ads won’t do the trick. Posting a viral photo or video won’t grow your church. Social media isn’t actually the real answer. At […]

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5 Ways To Reach 81% New People In Your Community For Christmas

31 Oct , 2016  

CHRISTMAS! Nearly everyone loves it. Quite literally nearly everyone apparently. And is your church communications taking advantage of that fact? FIRST THE FACTS According to Pew research, clearly the major major major majority of Americans (92%) and nearly all Christians (96%) say they celebrate Christmas  <Pew Research Ctr survey>. You could have guessed that, right? But […]

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The Most Meaningful Conversations Your Church Can Have

28 Oct , 2016  

Do you see this group having a conversation together? Can you see who’s in that mass of people? Can you tell what they’re talking about? Can you tell me if you can easily join that group if you wanted to? Why am I asking these questions? Because I think your church is stuck in a […]

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Facebook Timeline Cover Images For Churches And the One Option To Avoid

24 Oct , 2016  

What do you use for your Facebook Timeline Cover Image? It’s seems to be one of those controversial questions that doesn’t seem to have the right answer. But if you if you ask me, it is not as trivial as the age-old question of over-the-top or under: Generally speaking, you will see many churches use […]

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The #1 Thing Worship Band Leaders Aren’t Doing Right Now, But Should Be

12 May , 2016  

Hey Worship Band Leaders . . . Here’s a test: DO YOU KNOW THESE TWO (plus @GaryVee) YOUTUBE SUPERSTARS? If you are a worship band leader and you don’t know who these young women are, take a look at this episode of the #ASKGARYVEE Show because after watching, you’ll agree it’s super important to know why […]

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