Leaders Are Readers: How to Speed Read So You Can Read A Book A Week

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Leaders Are Readers: How to Speed Read So You Can Read A Book A Week

So as I get back into the rhythm of reading books this year (instead of just consuming podcasts, videos, webinar, etc for learning), I am beginning to reach back deep into the toolbox and figure out just how I’m going to fit in all this reading with my “Leaders Are Readers New Year’s Resolution.”

I’ve taken Speed Reading courses back in High School which has treated me well through the training to scan/fixate/scan and widen the focal width of phrases I can take in.  I started to Google to see if I can get a refresher of sorts and of course, Tim Ferris had a very similar approach to speed reading detailed in a post.  I previously learned this method in combination with something called meta guiding or follow-the-finger for speed.

speed reading - how to read a book a week
And then a thoughtful friend passed along this article today which zeros in on non-fiction books in particular and claims to help you tackle reading one full book a week.

That’s quite a claim.  But once you dive into your first nonfiction book equipped with this approach, you’ll see that it makes a lot of sense and really will do the job and get you to understand what the book is all about.  One of the basic keys is that for non-fiction you want to understand vs experience (for fiction).

It is amazing how quickly you can tear through a new book if you’ve practiced it a bit.

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