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Leaders Are Readers // The Power of Moments

12 Sep , 2017  

Chip Heath and Dan Heath are at it again. If you’ve never read Made to Stick, Switch or Decisive, it’s time to go grab those off Amazon. I recently received an advanced reader copy of their next book, coming out in October. It’s called The Power of Moments. Here’s the vid:   Why do I […]

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Unique book Phil Cooke

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Leaders are Readers: UNIQUE by Phil Cooke

7 Sep , 2017  

Are you continuing to better yourself? Are you learning and growing or stuck in your growth? One of the best ways to have continuous improvement and growth is to pick-up a book and sit down (turn off your phone and other digital gadgets!) and just read.  Soak it up.  Ponder.  Read. Today, in this brief […]

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Leaders are Readers: Pyromarketing

6 Jun , 2016  

The church itself is the most successful and largest word-of-mouth marketing campaign ever. There are several large scale Christian marketing and message campaigns that are worthy of studying regardless of if you are a communicator for the secular or sacred. However there aren’t any books on the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon […]

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Mindset by Carol Dweck // Leaders are Readers

16 May , 2016  

As you know, this year I am trying to tackle two books a month at the minimum as I get back into the rhythm of reading and learning from other leaders. #LeadersAreReaders! One of the “classics” that I started the year off is Mindset by Carol Dweck. This is one book that I have heard […]

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Leaders Are Readers: How to Speed Read So You Can Read A Book A Week

15 Feb , 2016  

So as I get back into the rhythm of reading books this year (instead of just consuming podcasts, videos, webinar, etc for learning), I am beginning to reach back deep into the toolbox and figure out just how I’m going to fit in all this reading with my “Leaders Are Readers New Year’s Resolution.” I’ve […]

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Leaders are Readers

12 Feb , 2016   Video

Continuing my New Year’s Resolutions with my “Leaders are Readers” Reading Challenge.  Trying to be consistent in reading at least 2 new book each month this year. What’s the most interesting, engaging book you’ve read this past year? Please leave a recommendation below so I can consider it for my book reading list this year.