#DailyKJTV Episode 186 Importance of get togethers in a team

9 Jun , 2019  

You don’t do this enough as a leader. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #186 #leadership  #culturewins  #culture #success #hr  #teambuilding  #teambonding #leadershipdevelopment  #employeeengagement   #leader  #community

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#DailyKJTV Episode 180 Getting your audience to engage

31 May , 2019  

Community. Two sides to it. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #180 #community  #engagement#leadership  #culture

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culture relevant church conversations

Faith, Ponderings, Work

The Most Meaningful Conversations Your Church Can Have

28 Oct , 2016  

Do you see this group having a conversation together? Can you see who’s in that mass of people? Can you tell what they’re talking about? Can you tell me if you can easily join that group if you wanted to? Why am I asking these questions? Because I think your church is stuck in a […]

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Church Marketing Communications Facebook Groups

Faith, Resources, Work

Church Marketing and Communications Facebook Groups You Need To Be A Part Of

8 Jun , 2016  

Nowadays, more and more churches have been taking advantage of marketing and communication as an effective tool for reaching out to the community as well as to every nation all over world. But with everything evolving as quickly as it is these days, doing it alone just isn’t enough. Sometimes having a peer community for sounding board input, exposure to new tactics and more […]

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