How to Broadcast Using Facebook Live

how to Broadcast using Facebook live
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How to Broadcast Using Facebook Live

As one of the biggest social media platforms at present, Facebook never fails to keep up with the latest trends as it recently introduce a new feature called Facebook Live.

Facebook Live allows a user to stream videos live while interacting with friends and followers on your account and page.

To set up your own live broadcast, just follow this quick and easy steps from the Facebook FAQ page:

Log into the Facebook iOS app or Facebook Android app.

how to use Facebook Live
Next – Tap on the STATUS option if you are going to post an update.

Write an optional description for your broadcast.

Tap GO LIVE or LIVE VIDEO (what you see depends on your version of the appto begin your broadcast.

You’ll get an interim page where your camera will go live. You can hit the double arrow circle icon on the top to switch to your back camera if you wish.


When you want to end your broadcast, tap Finish.

how to use Facebook Live
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your broadcast can be no longer than 90 minutes.

When you end your broadcast, it’ll stay on your Timeline or Page like any other video.

People will be able to reply the broadcast and see the commenting and likes during the timeline of your video playback!

how to use Facebook Live

Now that you have learned how to use Facebook Live easily, it’s time for your family, friends or church buddies to get to know more about broadcasting on Facebook Live. Here is a free ebook that you can download today and share with your friends.

What questions do you have about Facebook LIVE? Leave them in a comment below and I will try to point you in the right direction.

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