What did you say? You need to REPEAT yourself please. Say it again. Really.

Did you know that you are more aware, more self-conscious, more exposed to your own message and presence than anyone else?  Yes.

Now, this can be both good and bad.  It really depends on the circumstances.

For crisis situations, it can be a good thing.

But for normal modes of life, it usually means that what you’re saying to your constituents, your audience, your list, is really not being taken in with the same about of intentionality and thoughtfulness as when you crafted the messaging.

Almost always, saying it once is NOT enough.  You really need to repeat yourself in different ways if you want your message to really carry through. And you probably need to repeat your call to action more than you feel comfortable doing.

This is especially true for donor development messaging.  Your call to actions can’t be more explicit, more direct, more available when you do choose to ask for a donation.

Check out this example of a membership letter:

repeated call to actions are necessary

Jennifer Wyglinski over at Mirasee recently shared this example as one of 5 key best practices for copywriting tactics of fundraisers.  This example above has eight different versions of the call to action.  Jennifer mentions she tries to include a CTA at least 5 times in a given fundraising piece.

Bottom line is that while you think you are overdoing it in a particular communications piece, you probably need to go back and see if you can fit another CTA in at least one more time.


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