DIY NASA “Style” Eclipse Sunglasses Blueprint

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DIY NASA “Style” Eclipse Sunglasses Blueprint

It seems like the rest of America has woken up today and realized the eclipse is happening this afternoon.

I’m hoping churches and nonprofits around the country planned ahead a little for this event.

There are those that were prepared and order their own pair of eclipse sunglasses that are NASA – approved. Because staring directly at the sun is very dangerous.

Unfortunately Amazon is sold out across all vendors for eclipse sunglasses too.  It would be neat to try Prime Same-Day Delivery on a pair.

Anyway, I have a friend who shared with me his own DIY eclipse sunglasses blueprint. They are definitely not NASA – approved.  You shouldn’t follow this specific blueprint at all.

But thought you might want to take a look. . .


DO NOT USE THIS BLUEPRINT unless you want to potentially go blind.


HAHA.  What do you think?

One little snag that potentially could lead to a bunch of trouble for Amazon is that they started to send out emails to customers saying that some of its vendors had yet to provide proof that their eclipse glasses products were indeed NASA-approved. I can’t imagine how many thousands of people either did not receive that email, or will not heed the warning and still stare at the sun with ineffective sunglasses.

These eclipse sunglasses obviously won’t work and will potentially blind you. But perhaps this simulation will help you experience the wonder:

Did you get to watch the eclipse today? Let me know in the comments below.

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