5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

Content creation and publishing is the name of the game. In today’s world, you need to invest in producing high-quality content that is radically valuable to your prospect audience.

One of the reasons people for an out on the content marketing hamster wheel is because they quit on a piece of content after they produce it and publish it in one form.

Here are five simple ways you can be purpose of the content so that you extend the investment that you already made into producing it in at the same time use it to find new audiences to raise awareness of the brand and authority in your niche.

5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

  1. Printable, downloadable PDF. Yes, everything is being consumed on the web. It’s probably been consumed on a mobile phone. But one of the easiest ways to get your content shared by the right people with other peers in the same niche is to offer they clean formatted version in PDF format.

  2. Eye-catching infographic. If your content has any lists, you’re in luck, that’s an easy conversion into an infographic. If not, you can take one of the concepts from your original content piece and draw out some visual framework.

  3. Talking head video. Use the copy in your content piece as a base for a video script that you simply read and share or talking into a camera. Or take just a portion of the original content and summarize it.

  4. Interview of you. Take your content and write out just three questions about it. Have someone else ask you those questions while recording the conversation. You don’t need cover everything that was included in the original piece of content. In fact you don’t want to, you want an excuse to refer to the original piece on the web for those that are interested in a deeper dive.

  5. Slideshow presentation. Did you start with an outline? Great. Do you have headlines and sub headlines in your article? Great. Those are shortcuts to getting most of a slide presentation done. Create a simple slideshow that walks through the concepts presented. Make a list, and share it. Or take screenshots and describe various “highlights” as you refer back to the original piece of content.

There you go, there are plenty of other ways to repurpose your content. But here are five simple ways that you can start.

Have you ever re-purposed content yourself? What other ways have you found easy or useful?

Please leave a comment below and share your ideas.

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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