3 Obstacles Keeping Your Church From Adopting Online & Digital Giving

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3 Obstacles Keeping Your Church From Adopting Online & Digital Giving

Last week we kicked off the discussion and had a lively chat.

Today we continue the discussion, talk about 3 big obstacles for why churches aren’t adopting online and mobile giving options for receiving the offering & tithes during a church worship service.

We even make a friend on the net and invite Alfredo into our chat from the Blab.im community on the fly to ask him about his church giving experience.


Did we miss any others? Did we get it right?  What else do we need to be talking about regarding generosity and the church.  Church tithing and technology?

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

2 thoughts on “3 Obstacles Keeping Your Church From Adopting Online & Digital Giving

  1. Hi Kenny, For my church it is a technical issue primarily but there is some of the awareness and theological floating in the mix. Our current bank does not allow us to accept online payments (or do our paycheck a in automatic deposit for that matter.) We are currently designing a new website and would like to have a way to accept donations on it but don’t know the best way. It seems all of the options take a pretty big cut of each donation so we don’t know if that is good stewardship on our part. Then of course is the very practical who would manage the online technical stuff since we don’t really have anyone who is comfortable with it. We would love any advice you might have! Maybe an episode with a practical rundown of the best options for churches to use with the costs and easy pros and cons for us non techy people to understand.

    1. Thanks for the comment! You’re experience doesn’t seem to be rare. In fact, it seems to be similar to the majority of churches out there.

      The “they take a big cut” obstacle is something that I see plenty of groups using as an excuse. But 2.5%-3% isn’t really all that much, especially when you take into account you have less cash-management, less trips to the bank, etc. And overall, your ministry will experience more overall giving that clearly will offset that 3%. You also have the option that many do put into place (which I personally am not a fan of), which is to let the giver know that and let them pay extra to cover those fees in that original giving transaction. “check this box to include an extra $### to cover transaction fees” or something like that.

      Great idea about doing a rundown of practical options. We definitely are planning to do that. Right now, we are doing some research to produce a comparison matrix of features and benefits for each provider so that you have a little more data for your consideration process.

      Regarding your bank, sounds like a great opportunity to find a bank that’s operating in today’s world and standards. No direct deposit? No credit cards online? There are so many alternatives out there, why be restricted in your options?

      Thanks again for watching!

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