You’ll Never Guess Which Pair of Stocks Have Outperformed Google, Apple, and Amazon This Decade

Everyone knows that the big cats of business are the THREE A’s: Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google).

If you had money to put in the stock market, you would consider these three first, right? They’ve got to be right on the money. 

Or are they?

I present to you Exhibit 1:

Domino's Pizza vs Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google

Who would have thunk that pizza…that brand of pizza that you knew as — the food that tastes like cardboard — could out pace, outgrow the giants of technology?

So Domino’s has quietly reinvented themselves back in 2009 when they radically change their recipe and menu. 

Ever since then, they have exploded with over 9000 stores doing the same thing in every neighborhood they are in: selling more pizza, more salads and more wings.

Now here’s where I think it gets interesting, and a little bit humorous too.

Can you think of any other stock that might see similar tracking in growth over the same period of time?

If you think about pizza delivery, when are you consuming it? 

Is there anything else that you might be doing well eating all of that pizza, America? 

What other behavior would you be involved in with late-night pizza?

Here I present exhibit number 2…

I fully expect you to speak the same words is I did when first seeing this next chart, “Ahhhhhh, yes. Of course!”  

Tell me if I am wrong after you take a look at this:

Domino's and Netflix Stock Growth since 2010

Ahhhh. Yes, of course. 

Netflix and Pizza. 

So THAT is what America is doing at home every night. Binge watching and binge eating.

Domino’s beats every single stock except for 3 in growth that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ with over $1 billion market cap since 2010. 

BTW, Netflix is a close #5 on that list of over 2,300 stocks.

SO DID YOU GUESS CORRECTLY OR NOT? Leave a comment below with your answer 🙂

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