#DailyKJTV Episode 142 Amazon Go Store

14 Mar , 2019  

This trip to the Amazon Go Store completely infected my brain. So many thoughts on what the implications are for retail and even for other applications. #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #142 #retail #disruption #amazon#innovation

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#VLOGMAS Day 8 All About Christmas Cards

8 Dec , 2018  

#VLOGMAS Day 8 is all about Jeff Bezos, Hallmark Cards & Super Organized People. Are you one of them? #DailyKJTV Ep. #091 #business #innovation #disruptions #quoteoftheday #amazon #christmas #vlog #linkedinvideo #linkedincreator

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Interview, Ponderings, Work

Social Media Church Podcast Episode on VR and Amazon’s Launch of Their New Social Network

19 Sep , 2017  

SOCIAL MEDIA CHURCH PODCAST One of the fun podcasts to listen to is the Social Media Church Podcast. I was fortunate enough to be guest number 1 and 100 back when DJ Chuang launched the podcast. Since then Jay Kranda and Nils Smith have taken over the mic in the interview booth. THIS WEEK’S EPISODE […]

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You’ll Never Guess Which Pair of Stocks Have Outperformed Google, Apple, and Amazon This Decade

29 Mar , 2017  

Everyone knows that the big cats of business are the THREE A’s: Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google). If you had money to put in the stock market, you would consider these three first, right? They’ve got to be right on the money.  Or are they? I present to you Exhibit 1: Who would have thunk […]

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The 3 A’s Driving Innovation Madness In Our Culture

21 Mar , 2016  

There are three giants of industry that are shaping and reshaping culture at a maddening pace. Our lives are slowly becoming less differentiated as we all buy the same things, expect the same things, use the same things, prioritize and spend our time in the same ways. Are we using technology on a mass scale […]

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