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#DailyKJTV Episode 58 Top THREE Things My Team Needs to Achieve Success

It’s taken me awhile. . . But I think I finally figured out how to incrementally empower my team 💪🏼. How to encourage a bias for action ✅. How to cultivate ownership 📊📈. How to help slowly extract myself from the daily nitty gritty 🔩⚙️, which makes me the bottleneck 🐌🤦🏻‍♂️ for progress 💯🕴🏼and success […]


How To Lead A Brainstorming Meeting That Pours Down Ideas

Innovation and ideation through brainstorming are such important things in the creative space.  We have to continuously protect the processes involved otherwise, our creative output becomes flat.   Today, I asked a colleague and video director, Ben Stapley to share some of the tricks of the trade he uses when facilitating a brainstorming meeting.  Enjoy! The […]

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