How to increase open rates by 35%


Kenny Jahng Vlogs: How To Increase Your Email Open Rates by 35%

5 Jun , 2018  

Kenny Jahng here at Princeton University. Today, I want to share with you something I learned on the sidelines that’s gonna increase your email open rates by over 35%. If you’re like me in this stage of life, both kids are totally active every weekend with competitive sports. You almost don’t have time to breathe. […]

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Why You’ll 💕 Emoji ✉️ Subject Lines

26 Sep , 2016  

If I told you I have a tactic that could increase your email open rates by up to 45%, would you be willing to test it out? Yup, Experian reports that Emoji’s in email subject lines can lift open rates significantly. Others reporting 56% or even 65%. Wowzers. There is a lot to consider like […]

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