5 Podcasts I Have Been Devouring Without Abandon

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5 Podcasts I Have Been Devouring Without Abandon

Podcasts used to be a nerdy thing.

But times have completely changed.

It started with TiVo and completed the journey with Netflix. We are now a time-shifted on-demand nation. Despite the fact the more and more people are telecommuting and not sitting in cars on their way to work, podcasts have survived and now finally are thriving.

When was the last time you adhered to a broadcast schedule for entertainment and content?

There are tens of thousands of podcasts in iTunes, but still you have to do some trial and error searching for the gems.

Unlike mass media, podcasts have enjoyed a backward climb up the long tail curve. Production quality and talent have been getting better and better as more content producers get into the publishing game.

Here are five go-to podcasts I have set up in my Downcast iPhone app which I have been enjoying by binge listening. All the while  hoping that I don’t run out of episodes in my download queue.

1. THE #ASK GARY VEE SHOW: just like all contents involving Gary Vaynerchuk, here is the obligatory disclaimer that you need to be ready for his potty mouth. But Gary is a complete icon of entrepreneurship and digital brands that are engaging with their tribes online for a reason. Every time I have tweeted him, he has replied. It is amazing how a guy with this large and audience is able to hustle on the engagement for the win.

2. BUILDING A STORY BRAND WITH DONALD MILLER: Donald Miller’s Story Brand consultancy has been around a while and known to be top notch for a reason. Donald executes on business communications with total simplicity and only best practices. Because he is able to deliver on his promises over and over again, it is addictive to witness him delivering elegant, engaging direct hits every time.

3. PERPETUAL TRAFFIC PODCAST: almost all podcast being published about online marketing is filled with fluff. It is hard to find anything that really deals with 201 level material. This is a podcast for digital marketers who are real operators, not newbies or wantrapreneurs.

4. THE JAMES ALTUCHER SHOW: this podcast series could be the poster child for the genre with good reason. Good conversation and exploration of topics that are thoroughly made interesting, educational, and entertaining all together at once. This one is a classic with hundreds of episodes, but somehow has gone under the radar for many people who are podcast fans. Treat yourself to scanning the back catalogue of episodes and trying out one or two episodes that fit your fancy. You won’t be disappointed.

5. REVISIONIST HISTORY: Who does not like anything delivered by Malcolm Gladwell? If you have not picked up any of his books, you need to stop reading this now and hop over to Amazon to order all of them together immediately. He is a master storyteller who knows how to take complex, obscure or understated topics and deliver them in a way that makes you drooling for more. Malcolm recently started this podcast, but, like his collection of authored books, every podcast episode is simply solid gold.

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What other podcasts are you listening to? I would love to know what is your absolute favorite, number one, go-to podcast right now? And why?

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Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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