31 Instagram Tips To Bring You Up To Speed

31 Instagram Tips To Bring You Up To Speed
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31 Instagram Tips To Bring You Up To Speed

Church communicators have already noticed the importance of Facebook and Twitter as the major players in the social media industry. But, there’s one platform that’s topping off the charts lately, and you know what it is?

It’s Instagram.

If you just look at the stats, Instagram is undisputedly one of the best platforms to use when it comes to marketing your church.

Whether your church is already on Instagram or is just starting, here are some awesome Instagram Tips to help you step up your Instagram game and to improve your church marketing strategy in Instagram.

Let’s start.

 31 Instagram Tips To Bring You Up To Speed

31 Tips To Bring You Up To Speed On Instagram

Tips to Getting Started

Tips to Getting Started in Instagram

  • Know the basics on how Instagram works. Make sure you know how to go around with the application to utilize its features once you start making your church’s Instagram account. (United Church of Christ)
  • In creating usernames, it is suggested to have have a uniformed username across all your social media networks. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Bios are recommended to be written in a short, simple and direct to the point manner. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Just like in creating usernames, make your profile picture consistent in all your accounts. Your church logo, for example. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Stay updated and informed of your account’s activities by enabling push notifications of your Instagram account. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Curate posts that are inviting, positive and warm. So, when others scroll down on your feed, they will be encouraged to hit the follow button and all the more attend your church. (ECFVP)

Instagram Photography Tips

Photography Tips

  • First off, learn the types of content Instagram can do. Be creative. Portraits and group shots can be a starting point. (United Church of Christ)
  • See if any of your church members know how to produce content for your Instagram account. It is advisable to create a variety of content. More examples will be given later. (United Church of Christ)
  • Plan ahead of time. Don’t just post for the sake of content, especially if your photos are blurry. Instead of a follow, it will earn you an unfollow. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Instagram content that screams #FeedGoals gets the most follows. Post pictures that are of high quality content and is visually appealing. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Although Instagram offers a variety of filters to enhance your image post, it is always better to have a well-framed, vibrant, sharp and most of all relevant and meaningful to your Instagram account. (ECFVP)

Videography Tips

Videography Tips

  • Since Instagram is first made for photo journals and photography enthusiasts, others think posting videos will ruin their feed. But, that’s not the case at all. Incorporate videos on your posts with the premise that you’re still sticking to the overall theme of your feed. Videos of high quality should stay in your feed while informal videos should be posted on another feature of Instagram called Instagram Stories or Instagram Live. (United Church of Christ)

Marketing Tips for Instagram

Marketing Tips

  • Use popular hashtags. (Steve Fogg Blog)
  • Don’t just post photos to feed your content. Communicate. Comment, reply your direct messages and make sure to like your audience’s posts. Be thoughtful in how you communicate. (Church Marketing Sucks)
  • When posting portraits or group photos, tag people. Just type @ then, among the list, choose the username that you want to tag people in. (Concordia Technology Solutions)
  • Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post. It will maximize your presence that will increase your online visibility. (Pro Church Tools)

Instagram Stories Tips

Instagram Stories Tips

  • Although Instagram Stories is built for in-the-moment posts, giving thought to what you’re posting is still a must. Create stories and not just random videos or photos. (crtvchurch)
  • Ask questions as one of your stories. It increases audience engagement, boosting real-time interaction with your followers. (crtvchurch)
  • I’ve shared 10 more tips for Instagram Stories recently too
  • Here’s a free PDF download of 3 starter tips for Instagram Stories you should check out


What other tips do you have for communications teams that are getting up to speed on this visual and fast-growing platform?

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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