focus music sites to boost productivity

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5 Focus Music Sites To Boost Your Productivity

3 Nov , 2017  

Here’s a productivity hack to keep you working, working hard, working just a little longer so you eek out more productivity each time you sit down. USE YOUR EARS. Focus audio and music is a growing category or productivity resources that is now at your disposal for when you want to crank out work like a beast. […]


best dslr camera

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Best DSLR Camera For Social Media

21 Sep , 2017  

If you’re getting into social media, one of the aspirational pieces of equipment is a nice DSLR camera with which you can take photos as well as videos. Vlogging and video production is only going to get more important as time marches on. Facebook declared that within 5 years 95% of content on the platform […]

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Social Media Church Podcast Episode on VR and Amazon’s Launch of Their New Social Network

19 Sep , 2017  

SOCIAL MEDIA CHURCH PODCAST One of the fun podcasts to listen to is the Social Media Church Podcast. I was fortunate enough to be guest number 1 and 100 back when DJ Chuang launched the podcast. Since then Jay Kranda and Nils Smith have taken over the mic in the interview booth. THIS WEEK’S EPISODE […]

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mock-up templates free

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Free Mock-Up Generator

13 Sep , 2017  

Sometimes you want to up your game with your presentation. Especially if you have a website or blog. Mock-ups are a great way to do just that. But I can be technical, or you have to pay for the templates – -and find someone who knows Photoshop, etc. HOW TO CREATE ONE RIGHT NOW Here’s […]


Unique book Phil Cooke

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Leaders are Readers: UNIQUE by Phil Cooke

7 Sep , 2017  

Are you continuing to better yourself? Are you learning and growing or stuck in your growth? One of the best ways to have continuous improvement and growth is to pick-up a book and sit down (turn off your phone and other digital gadgets!) and just read.  Soak it up.  Ponder.  Read. Today, in this brief […]

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Your Press Release Is Broken, Here’s How To Fix It

3 Sep , 2017  

Press releases can be a very powerful tool in any communications toolbox. But can nonprofits and churches use them successfully in today’s world? THE RED HERRING I’ve had many people comment to me personally, that the media’s default position against the Church and anything Jesus related makes it impossible for them to get any meaningful […]

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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

18 Aug , 2017  

Content creation and publishing is the name of the game. In today’s world, you need to invest in producing high-quality content that is radically valuable to your prospect audience. One of the reasons people for an out on the content marketing hamster wheel is because they quit on a piece of content after they produce […]


solar eclipse 2017 and church marketing


TED Framework for PR: E is for EVENTS, but also for. . .ECLIPSE

10 Aug , 2017  

In my T.E.D. Framework for Good PR, the E stands for EVENTS. Whenever you are able to frame your news / program / organization in terms of a time-bound event, you have the opportunity to message in a way that’s not available with other items without this element. If you haven’t heard about it to […]

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Facebook Ad Objectives: Which One is Right for Your Church

25 May , 2017  

Facebook Ad Objectives is one of the most critical things you need to get right when running ads on Facebook. If you have ever clicked on the “Create Ads” feature in Facebook, then you know… It can be quite the rabbit hole. An ever changing, often confusing journey, that can suck your time and ad […]

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37 Ways to Use Instagram for Church

18 May , 2017  

Is your church on Instagram, yet? Having  trouble thinking about how to use Instagram for church? If you haven’t started using Instagram for church, then, I’m telling you, you’re missing a lot. With an astounding 700 million users per month, it remains to be one of the best avenues for telling the world about your church […]

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