INTERVIEW: Why You Should Take Notice Of UNreasonable Churches

Unreasonable Churches book discount

Today I had a chance to catch-up with Rich Birch, founder of resource site and podcast for church leaders as well as author of the new book, UNreasonable Churches.

Turn up your sound and click to play the interview video:

Rich cites a stat that 94% of churches are loosing ground against the growth the communities they serve, and that there is a new breed of churches who bought that trend.

The purpose of this book is to profile 10 different churches and what they did to zig when others are zagging. And see why being unreasonable led to success.

If you want to make progress prepare to become #UNreasonable [email protected] w/ @richbirch Click To Tweet

He calls these churches”unreasonable” churches. <~~~~ go grab a copy today.

Hope you’re able to pick-up a copy and let me know what you thought about it.

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