#DailyKJTV Episode 241 Best practice for Social Media. Hashtags.

27 Nov , 2019  

Is your organization doing this? #DailyKJTV vlog Ep. #241 #socialmedia #hashtags#bestpractice

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Holly Hall Tate social media marketing and communications

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Holly Hall Tate Talks About 3 Social Media Tactics For Easter Promotion

17 Feb , 2017   Video

Holly stopped by to share 3 of the best things your church can do on social media for Easter promotion this year. You need to be intentional about how you utilize social media and today’s discussion highlights three specific tactics all churches can try out or use this year. Check out our video interview: The […]

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12 Insightful Infographics About Effective Instagram Hashtags

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12 Insightful Infographics About Effective Instagram Hashtags

17 Jan , 2017  

Why care about Instagram hashtags? Starting an account on Instagram can be tough especially if you’re just finding your way in. Seeing ‘zero’ as the number of followers and posts is stressful. Who wouldn’t want a massive following streak on their social media accounts, right? One solution that probably most people know and is commonly […]

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