#DailyKJTV Episode 81 Email Marketing PRO TIP

28 Nov , 2018  

Email Marketing PRO TIP today on the #DailyKJTV, Ep. #081 #business #emailmarketing #tip #contentmarketing #email

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#DailyKJTV Episode 62 Content Marketing MEGATIP

9 Nov , 2018  

My last episode of the #DailyKJTV vlog was a popular one, so I am back with more for Ep. #062. #socialmediamarketing #videomarketing #SEO #linkedinvideo #linkedincreator #contentmarketing #contentstrategy

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#DailyKJTV Episode 61 Why You Need to be Producing Videos TODAY

8 Nov , 2018  

I explain one of the core reasons why you need to be producing VIDEOS today. Here is what my team does with a video in Ep. #061 of the #DailyKJTV vlog. #contentmarketing #contentsyndication #LinkedInVideo #LinkedinCreator #vlog #Entrepreneurslife

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#DailyKJTV Episode 54 How Team Work Makes the Dream Work

1 Nov , 2018  

Social media is better as a team vs individual sport. Follow along the #DailyKJTV vlog! Like Kevin Ekmark does! :;-) #SocialMedia #StreetTeam #ContentMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #digitalmarketing #networking #marketing #influencermarketing #b2bmarketing #linkedincreator #linkedinvideo

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DailyKJTV Episode 39 Trust versus Authority

17 Oct , 2018  

Do you know the difference between Trust versus Authority? Watch my #DailyKJTV vlog to find out. #LinkedInVideo #LinkedInCreator #ContentMarketing #SocialMedia #SalesAndMarketing

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#DailyKJTV Episode 1 How to have Increased Social Media Presence

11 Sep , 2018  

#DailyKJTV episode is live! FOUR people asked me this same question this week. Here’s my response. What do you think? #LinkedInVideo #ContentMarketing #SocialMedia #Strategy #InBoundMarketing  

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How to Find Quality Podcast Interviewees or Guest Bloggers

17 Jul , 2018  

Weather of the guest bloggers or podcast interview ease, many people I talk to hit a brick wall like writers block. They can’t generate enough ideas for how to Identify and reach out more people in the niche category of their podcast or blog to collaborate with. Here’s a quick hit list: How to identify […]

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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Exposure

18 Aug , 2017  

Content creation and publishing is the name of the game. In today’s world, you need to invest in producing high-quality content that is radically valuable to your prospect audience. One of the reasons people for an out on the content marketing hamster wheel is because they quit on a piece of content after they produce […]



The Call to Action Your Website Is Missing And Why

10 May , 2017  

BIG MISTAKE One of the biggest misunderstandings or marketing on the web is what to do once they arrive in your website. So many people still have the “let’s build it and they will come” mentality. And stop right there. One of the biggest fatal mistakes is when you haven’t given a second of thought […]

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Kent Shaffer

Faith, Interview, Ponderings, Resources

Kent Shaffer Talks About & The Evolving Content World

7 Feb , 2017  

Today I to sit down with Kent Shaffer of to discuss trends and tensions with digital life and the church. Kent talks about his early success as a blogger with and why such content just isn’t as impactful in today’s world of content proliferation.   He shares some thoughts on collaboration and content resourcing. […]

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