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Faith Resources Work

Start Using Social Media For What It’s Made For : Connect Directly With Every Catalyst East Atlanta 2016 Main Stage Speaker

Do you follow any of the Catalyst conference speakers on social media?  Are you in the Catalyst tribe?  Are you headed to the Infinity Energy Center in Atlanta this week? Here’s the most important question: HAVE YOU EVER CONNECTED WITH ANY OF THE SPEAKERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE? Why not? (I am assuming you have […]

Faith Resources Work

How to Get The Most Out Of #CatalystATL Labs 2016 Using Social Media

This October, I’m flying in Atlanta to attend Catalyst Labs 2016. There’s a slew of great speakers and it’s definitely a more intimate setting than listening to a talk with 12,000 other people in Gwinnett Arena (I know it’s now called Infinity Energy, but everyone calls it Gwinnett — even the hotels in the area […]

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