Chewbacca Lady Viral Video


Good Job Kohl’s, Good Job On Newsjacking and Brand Stewardship

23 May , 2016  

Praise goes to the marketing team at Kohl’s for jumping on the mega-viral video of a Kohl’s shopper celebrating her birthday with a fun Chewbacca toy from the store and sharing it on the Interwebs. She recorded the video in the Kohl’s parking lot and shared how she was returning some items and came upon […]

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Pure (Sweet & Colorful) Marketing Genius 

26 Jan , 2016  

Today I came across something that is PURE MARKETING GENIUS. On every table of every restuarant, diner and coffee shop across the country sits some container which holds paper packets of different colors. Each company and brand has staked claim on a specific color. New entrants in the market have to pick a new one. […]

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