Using Quuu Promote for Blog Content Marketing Promotion

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Using Quuu Promote for Blog Content Marketing Promotion

I’ve been testing out a new blog content marketing promotion tool called Quuu Promote.

Quuu Promote Social Media Content Recommendation Engine


It is a service that offerings a content recommendation engine for social media influencers.  And Quuu Promote allows you to submit up to two different web pages of your articles, blog posts, resources into their database for 30 days.

In theory, it’s a good service.  It’s basically a matchmaker between blog and social media publishers.  Content publishers want relevant audiences to see their articles and content.  Social media professionals and influencers want a stream of quality niche content to publish for their audiences who follow them.

Here’s a screenshare video walking through the process to set-up and submit a URL for promotion:


For Church Marketing it costs $20 for each URL for 30 days of exposure.  Some categories are $5/30 days.  Others are $30 (that’s a buck a day!).


I’ve seen others report that they get anywhere from 1k – 3k shares and click throughs from social media from Quuu Promote.

If that’s the case, used strategically, you can use Quuu Promote to expose your content and platform to new audiences efficiently.

I’ll have to circle back after the campaign has run its course and report back on the results on shares and click-throughs.  So stay tuned!

QUESTION: Have you used any blog content promotion service like this before? How did it work out for you?

Photo credit: Jason A. Howie via Visualhunt / CC BY
Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

3 thoughts on “Using Quuu Promote for Blog Content Marketing Promotion

  1. Great article indeed and appreciate you providing an acute insight Kenny.

    What have been the results you’ve seen please?

    Having spent quite a bit of money trying Quuu Promote to promote our high quality free content at , while the number of ‘shares’ has been decent, the number of ‘clicks’ we’ve received to our site has been miniscule.

    It’s a real pity as I was enthused about Quuu Promote.

    I hope the company manages to significantly increase the number of visitors advertisers receive, otherwise the ROI is just not there.

    1. Hi there Azam,

      I understand your skepticism based on your experience. I believe this platform is like any ad platform. You really need to be very intentional and careful with the copy you wer I believe this platform is like any ad platform. You really need to be very intentional and careful with the copy you are using with each submission. I have had some articles with 1000+ shares easily. While having only a handful of actual click throughs.

      Currently, I have two campaigns running, and here are the stats:

      387 shares, with 123 click throughs, 14 days into the campaign.

      And 287 shares, with 39 click throughs, 23 days into the campaign.

      What I do you think you need to do is compare it with any other post you might push out on social media. What is the percentage click through you were averaging on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

      Anything over 10% click through’s are probably worth the money.

      So in short, I would suggest to you to try it again, but really thinking through the short and long headline options that you were going to submit. But image really makes a difference as well as you probably already know.

  2. Thank you for your comprehensive and interesting response.

    I am reading from other people who have shared their metrics that they are getting around 30 clicks per post they share. The ones with more clicks are outliers. At c. 30 clicks, that means the cost is over $1.00 per site visitor. Considering that this is not traditional advertising and one is sharing free content – blog posts – that one is not usually monetising, it makes it expensive to pay more than $1.00 to attract visitors to read a blog post on one’s website.

    I am very pleased to hear you’re receiving a large number of clicks to your posts. No matter what we try in terms of ad copy and images, we are stuck at 10 – 30 clicks per post.

    Wishing you the very best with your excellent blog.

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