LUNCH & LEARN: Brandon Cox Talks About Spending $40k on Facebook & Instagram Ads

Today, I’m sharing a Lunch & Learn chat I had with Brandon Cox.  Brandon is a pastor, church planter and Purpose Driven Leader.  You might know him from his Saddleback resource role of running  Or as a church planter at Grace Hills Church.  Or from his pioneer book, Rewired, or his content-rich blog,


It was great to talk with Brandon to catch-up with what’s going on at Grace Hills and to hear about how they are approaching Easter promotion and marketing online: 100% on Facebook & Instagram.

Quite interesting to see such a digitally informed leader still leaning into offline local relationship building outreach efforts too.  We’re talking about partnerships with local nonprofits, easter egg hunts at the local school a couple blocks down, and long tail relationship building. Love seeing how it’s working out.

This interview is part of my new Lunch & Learn series for Church Butler ( – go check it out!).  If you want to discover more practical resources like this one with Brandon, be sure to hop over to our Church Butler Facebook Page and follow along.

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