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The List of Apps and Services I Use To Get Work Done

6 Apr , 2017  

I was inspired by my entrepreneurial friend Daniel Irmler who runs ChurchHacks who recently shared a list of things he uses for work. I thought it would be good to list out the things that I use in my daily routine. THE LIST OF BEST APPS AND SERVICES FOR PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK Here is a […]

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[VIDEO] 20 Social Media Tools for 2017

6 Jan , 2017   Video

WHAT DO THE LEADING CHURCH COMMUNICATORS USE? This week, I published a super duper infographic featuring suggestions from 20 church communicators.  Here’s where you can view or download the whole thing. 2 MINUTES SUMMARY (VIDEO VERSION) Today, I’m sharing a video version of that list of top social media tools you should know about for 2017. […]

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It’s 10pm, Do You Know If Your Site Is Down?

27 Jun , 2016  

Growing up, many of us saw that ubiquitous TV clip right before the evening news every night: a guy in the somber but noticeable voice asking the question — “it’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” A simple reminder back during the early 70’s to keep a check on what’s most important: […]