Retargeting To Catapult Your Effectiveness

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5 Ways To Use Retargeting To Catapult Your Effectiveness

23 Jan , 2017  

  Retargeting is a powerful method to extend the investment you’ve made in advertising in order to  bring people back to your site.  According to Perfect Audience, All the major social and ad platforms are embracing retargeting today.  But most communications teams aren’t taking advantage of this simple, but hyper efficient — and budget friendly — […]

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7 Tools Every Fundraising Campaign Should Be Using


7 Tools Every Fundraising Campaign Should Be Using For Donor Development

5 Dec , 2016  

This holiday season, I am helping to spearhead digital donor development efforts for a local nonprofit charity. For the first time in the history of the 79-year-old organization, they will take to social media and online advertising to help broaden exposure, cultivate new audiences and hopefully raise some initial funds from online activities this year. […]

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Connect with Site Visitors–Re-Engage With Remarketing Ads

30 Sep , 2016  

Jen Miles is a veteran of the church online and the digital church communications space. I had a chance to catch up with Jen at the ThatCC Conference in Atlanta. One of the chat threads we had was that there wasn’t enough practical resources available that go beyond the 101 level of digital communications craft. That’s […]