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Screencast: How To Download The Father’s Day Social Media Kit For Your Church

9 Jun , 2016   Video

I recently posted a PDF resource download which contains a list of 100+ Bible Verses which have ties to themes of fatherhood — just in time for Father’s Day. Today, I want to share a professionally designed collection of social media quotes cards (text over graphics) that’s perfect for promoting Father’s Day Sunday Services at […]

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Faith, Resources

The Exhaustive List of Bible Verses For Father’s Day

16 May , 2016  

Fatherhood is a common and important theme found in the Bible. So there must be Bible verses appropriate for Father’s Day, right? YUP. For this coming Father’s Day, here’s a list of verses from Scripture that you might find to be relevant and a source of inspiration. I’ll give you 7 key verses below first […]

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