10 Things That Happened Around Here Because of #Blizzard2016

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10 Things That Happened Around Here Because of #Blizzard2016

1. Laundry. When you know you’ll be here long enough to catch the end of the wash cycle to move clothes to the dryer and even longer to be there when it’s all done, why not start it? Yup. #done.


2. Play in the snow. Pulled out the snowpants, gloves, hat, scarf, shovels and all. Built a fun little track on the slope of our front yard/drive so the kids could go wheeeee!


3. Clean out the fridge one meal at a time. 3 days, no car access to the roads and counting?  It’s been good to steadily pick combinations of food from the fridge, freezer and pantry to keep everyone fed and happy. We usually don’t eat this many consecutive meals all together as a family. #qualitytime

#Blizzard2016 effects


4. Family Netflix time. This time, all together. Instead of everyone splitting up to go spend time in their own devices in each corner of the house, we decided to pile into the basement, bring the snacks and pull up Netflix on the new AppleTV and watch some UndercoverBoss and other fun shows together.


5. Sleep. With no regular routine of slam-jam packed days, we slept in a bit and got some much needed rest.


6. HGTV action at home. It was on the to-do list for awhile but this was a great time to tackle a nice but not mission critical wish list item of hanging 8 picture frames.

HGTV-level productivity


7. FIRE. How else do you beat the cold by lighting a match to the fireplace?  Cozy evening hanging out in the family room.


8. Church Online. No access to roads? No problem. The information superhighway let’s you attend Church Online. With hundreds of other complete with Live Chat for the community experience.

Liquid Church Online / Tim Lucas Kenny Jahng


9. Keep blogging.  One thing you need to do with content marketing and blogging in particular: show up consistently no matter what.  Right now I’m following my recently started praxis of daily list building. I’ve been trying out different ways to get pen to paper — right now I am trying out the WordPress app on my iPhone to see if it allows me to get content live all the more quicker. So far, so good.


10. Catch-up on emails. Inbox zero doesn’t happen by itself. So spending some time triaging my inbox is helping to keep me sane and avoid being slammed with things to go through and process tomorrow, assuming we are back to normal by then.

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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