#VLOGMAS Day 26 New Store in Town: Beta

26 Dec , 2018  

#VLOGMAS Day 26. Seeing everything in Beta firsthand. 🙂 #DailyKJTV Ep. #110 #business #innovation #userexperience #retail #gadgets #techies

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#VLOGMAS Day 8 All About Christmas Cards

8 Dec , 2018  

#VLOGMAS Day 8 is all about Jeff Bezos, Hallmark Cards & Super Organized People. Are you one of them? #DailyKJTV Ep. #091 #business #innovation #disruptions #quoteoftheday #amazon #christmas #vlog #linkedinvideo #linkedincreator

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#DailyKJTV Episode 67 Faithleads.Tech Conference

14 Nov , 2018  

#DailyKJTV goes to Nashville! Check out Ep. #067 talk about takeaways from #FaithLeadsTech #conference #LinkedinInCreator #innovation #faith #bible

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#DailyKJTV Episode 65 Two MUST-TRY Apps for Videos!

12 Nov , 2018  

2 Apps for VIDEOS you must try. Ed Ramirez came along for the ride today on the #DailyKJTV Vlog Ep. 065 #innovation #socialmediamarketing #videomarketing #apps #videoproduction #iphone #videoediting #instagram #videography #apple

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Spending The Day at #TECHDAY NYC

20 May , 2018   Video

Visiting conferences is one way to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s always great to take advantage of conferences and exhibitors’ booth tours to see what it is on the edge of innovation in the marketplace. This week, it was a double treat because I got to head into New York City on the waterfront […]

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You’ll Never Guess Which Pair of Stocks Have Outperformed Google, Apple, and Amazon This Decade

29 Mar , 2017  

Everyone knows that the big cats of business are the THREE A’s: Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google). If you had money to put in the stock market, you would consider these three first, right? They’ve got to be right on the money.  Or are they? I present to you Exhibit 1: Who would have thunk […]

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Brainstorming ideas


How To Lead A Brainstorming Meeting That Pours Down Ideas

11 Jul , 2016  

Innovation and ideation through brainstorming are such important things in the creative space.  We have to continuously protect the processes involved otherwise, our creative output becomes flat.   Today, I asked a colleague and video director, Ben Stapley to share some of the tricks of the trade he uses when facilitating a brainstorming meeting.  Enjoy! The […]

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Apple iMessages Upgrade


The Apple iMessages Upgrade That Challenges Facebook Messenger and SnapChat

15 Jun , 2016  

I don’t know why we call it a phone anymore. People use it to text more than anything else. We should call it your Texter. Or something like that. But if you’ve been understanding Snapchat, you’ll probably agree with me that the reason Snapchat is winning is that it basically is texting with selfie’s and […]

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Boy Meets Girls. Boy Invents.

3 Jun , 2016  

I just read a “boy meets girl” story that could potentially change the world. Here’s what happened: Boy meets girl. Boy needs to figure out a way to talk to girl. Boy discovers that girl doesn’t speak English – she only speaks French. So, what does boy do? Boy invents revolutionary earpiece that can translate […]



The 3 A’s Driving Innovation Madness In Our Culture

21 Mar , 2016  

There are three giants of industry that are shaping and reshaping culture at a maddening pace. Our lives are slowly becoming less differentiated as we all buy the same things, expect the same things, use the same things, prioritize and spend our time in the same ways. Are we using technology on a mass scale […]

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